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Contingent Workforce Index 2014

El Índice de Fuerza Laboral Contingente (CWI) mide la relativa facilidad de obtención.

Contingent Workforce Index 2014
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Sources: The primary data sources for this index are all based on December 2013 statistics from the Ministries of Labour for the 75 countries within the scope, the Central Intelligence Agency (U.S.), World Data Bank, Trading Economics, and internal data collected as part of ManpowerGroup global reporting efforts (Annual Data Survey, Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, Talent Shortage Survey).
The Contingent Workforce Index (CWI) measures the relative ease of sourcing, hiring and retaining a contingent workforce in competing labor markets around the world. The CWI compiles over 50 key data points around the availability, cost, regulation and productivity of each country's contingent workforce. Then, using a proprietary formula, it assigns a numerical value to each country, comparing the relative difficulty of entering one labor market versus another.